·       All information gathered which is kept in writing will be kept in a securely locked facility

·       The data collected is name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, profession, medications you are taking and any medical history

·       Sharing of information, for example, to your GP, nursing team or further health care professionals will only be done with your consent and knowledge and you may request a copy any letters if required

·       Any information left by voicemail will be deleted within 24 hours

·       Any information via email may be saved on an electronic device, password protected

·       Information and records must be stored for at least 7 years in accordance with the department of health guidelines. After 7 years all paper held information will be destroyed by shredding and electronic data will be deleted

·       You may request a copy of information in writing held, this will be issued to you within 28 days after receiving your request

·       Any known breaches in data protection will be reported to the appropriate authority and you will be contacted

​·       Consent for data holding/sharing can be withdrawn in writing however some data need to be kept due to legal reasons.