Cancellation Policy

Your appointment is reserved especially for you, I understand that  sometimes schedules adjustments are necessary; therefore, I respectfully request at least 24 hours notice for cancellations.
Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment  without giving enough notice, I miss the opportunity to fill that  appointment time, and clients on my waiting list miss the opportunity  to receive services.

My appointments are confirmed 48 hours in advance  because I know how easy it is to forget an appointment you booked  weeks ago. 
Since the services are reserved by you personally or by phone, a cancellation fee will apply. You will be paying on your next visit to Happy Feet if you wish to book another appointment.

**Less than 24 hour notice will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.

**“NO SHOWS” will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount.

**Multiple services not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount. Eg.: If you wish to have toenails painted and have this service previously booked with your CFT or PX and decide when you are in to have the service that you no longer want to have your toenails painted, then the service will be charged anyway as the extra time had been booked for that service.

Happy Feet's policies are  presented and provided in the best quality and tradition of excellent servicing for our established and future clientele.

Thank you for viewing and supporting our policies criteria.

If you need to cancel your appointment please do so 24 hours in advance.
If you cancel within the 24 hour period you forfeit your voucher, the same for a "No Show".

Confirmation text messages
As a courtesy, we will text and/or email a message reminding your appointment 48 hours prior to your appointment date. However, if we are unable  to do so, please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to  avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and the cancellation fee.