Zone Face Lift


An amazing new facial and a credible alternative to Botox.
Zone Face Lift,
( uses pressure-point massage and healing techniques, lifts the contours of the face and softens the lines, creating a glowing and youthful complexion. 

Persevering for 12 weeks, will soften frown lines and take years off, suggesting a result comparable to laser or Botox, reducing signs of ageing by as much as 10 years by naturally stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

​A truly calming and uplifting treatment, profound and effective to all levels of our being such as the physical, mental and emotional. 

Please check before and after pictures here: 

The treatment begins with a neck, head and shoulders massage and a facial cleanse.

Zone Face Lift is a facial treatment unlike any other, using specialist tools which include quartz crystals, Guasha Jade tool (a Japanese massage technic), acupressure roller and Native American massage lifting techniques.  Also included in this amazing treatment is a hot towel facial using natural products and a Facial Reflexology treatment. All of this combined makes this a kinder approach to naturally looking your best.

​- Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin
- Soothes and lifts the face
- Leaves a glowing complexion
- Sculpts the neckline
- Calming and uplifting
- Induces relaxation
- Reduces stress levels
- All the benefits of reflexology
- ​Restores balance within

£75 for 75 minutes